Dear Pitt Community:

As many of you know, Pitt has yet to receive funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the current budget year. State support for Pitt, which amounts to more than $150 million each year and is central to our 51-year partnership with the Commonwealth, enables us to provide an affordable Pitt education to thousands of state residents each year.

Due to an ongoing disagreement over a revenue package to support the state’s approved spending plan, the appropriation bills funding Pitt, Penn State, Temple and Lincoln are at real risk of not being passed. Earlier this week, in an op-ed with Penn State President Eric Barron, I urged our elected officials—especially members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, where this decision now lies—to take immediate action to pass our appropriation bills.

Now, these officials need to hear from you.

We’ve created the With Pitt portal and packed it with facts and easy ways to remind state lawmakers of our University’s immeasurable value to the Commonwealth.

In this portal, you’ll learn about Pitt’s incredible impact, including how we support nearly 30,000 jobs and generate $3.95 billion in economic activity. You’ll also learn how, for every $1 the Commonwealth spends on our University, it sees $26 in return.

Faced with facts like this, I believe that our leaders in Harrisburg will agree: Investing in Pitt is critical—and it’s an investment in Pennsylvania’s students, families and future.

I invite you to join me in raising your voice on this issue. It’s important, and it takes just a few seconds to show your support and remind our members of the House that With Pitt, Pennsylvania Wins.


Pat Gallagher