Turning Our Attention to Next Year's Budget

March 24, 2016

Dear Pitt Community:

As you may have already heard, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that he is letting a number of bills become law over the weekend without his signature, including bills that fund Pitt and the other state-related universities.

This means that by Monday, we will have an appropriation bill that funds our University at a level representing a five percent increase over last year.

From the beginning, there was broad consensus in Harrisburg that increasing funding for Pitt and the other state-related universities was a smart and necessary investment for the commonwealth. I am deeply gratified that this bill reflects that consensus. 

I want to thank the legislature and Gov. Wolf for acknowledging this and recognizing the vital role that our University plays for the state as well as for Pennsylvania students, our faculty and staff.  I also want to thank all members of the Pitt community who advocated for our budget request and made their support known to our elected officials in Harrisburg. Your efforts were essential to securing this positive outcome and underscoring the fact that With Pitt, Pennsylvania Wins.

It is worth noting that the Governor’s actions resolve most, but not all, of the outstanding budget issues for the current fiscal year. Future actions could impact the level of funds available to Pitt in this fiscal year. However, this bill positions us well for next year’s budget, as we continue to seek sustained increases in state support to maximize our contribution to the commonwealth.

As our attention turns to next year's budget, I want to reiterate that Pitt remains one of Pennsylvania’s best investments. Our partnership with the state enables us to provide a brighter future for the commonwealth and offer its residents a world-class Pitt education.

I promise to continue making this case with state leaders and will keep you informed moving forward.


Patrick Gallagher