Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for advancing the purposes of the University; promoting and protecting its independence, academic freedom, and integrity; and enhancing and preserving its assets for the benefit of future students and society at large. In addition, because the University of Pittsburgh is a state-related institution, the trustees ensure that Pitt meets its obligations both to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to society generally.

General administrative, academic, and management authority is delegated to the chancellor. However, the board retains ultimate responsibility for all University affairs.

There are three or more regular meetings of the Board of Trustees each year, including an annual meeting. Special meetings also may be called. Much of the board's work is carried out by committees; many of these committees include faculty, staff, and students as non-voting representatives.

Board of Trustees Officers, 2016-2017

Eva Tansky Blum, Chairperson
Patrick Gallagher, Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh, Member Ex-Officio (voting)


Jane Bilewicz Allred
John A. Barbour
G. Nicholas Beckwith III
Eva Tansky Blum
Suzanne W. Broadhurst
Douglas M. Browning
Michael A. Bryson
Mary Ellen Callahan
David C. Chavern
James P. Covert
Brian Generalovich
Deborah J. Gillotti
Edward J. Grefenstette
Ira J. Gumberg
Robert M. Hernandez
Dawne S. Hickton
Patricia D. Horoho, U.S. Army, Ret.
S. Jeffrey Kondis
Terrence P. Laughlin
Robert G. Lovett
Roberta A. Luxbacher
F. James McCarl III
Larry J. Merlo
Martha Hartle Munsch
Marlee S. Myers
John H. Pelusi Jr.
Robert P. Randall
Thomas E. Richards
Bryant J Salter
Keith E. Schaefer
Jack D. Smith
Emil M. Spadafore Jr.
William E. Strickland Jr.
A. David Tilstone
Stephen R. Tritch
Sam S. Zacharias

Commonwealth Trustees

G: Governor appointment
H: House appointment
S: Senate appointment


Bradley J. Franc (G)
Jay Costa Jr. (S)


Sy Holzer (G)
Thomas L. VanKirk (H)
William K. Lieberman (S)


Kevin Washo Jr. (G)
John A. Maher III (H)
John J. Verbanac (S)


Jake Wheatley Jr. (G)
Herbert S. Shear (H)
Peter C. Varischetti (S)


Thomas O. Johnson II (H)

Members Ex-Officio (non-voting)

Tom Wolf, Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pedro Rivera, Secretary of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Rich Fitzgerald, Allegheny County Executive
William Peduto, Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh

Emeritus Trustees

J. David Barnes
Steven C. Beering
Thomas G. Bigley
Frank V. Cahouet
John G. Conomikes
George A. Davidson Jr.
Catherine DeAngelis
Herbert P. Douglas Jr.
D. Michael Fisher
E. Jeanne Gleason
J. Roger Glunt
Henry L. Hillman
Earl F. Hord
A. Alice Kindling
Paul E. Lego
George L. Miles Jr.
Frank E. Mosier
Alfred L. Moyé
Thomas H. O'Brien
Anthony J. F. O’Reilly
Robert A. Paul
James C. Roddey
Farrell Rubenstein
Richard P. Simmons
Charles M. Steiner
John A. Swanson
Burton M. Tansky
Dick Thornburgh
Thomas J. Usher
Edward P. Zemprelli